Does your trainer’s hands look like this?

If you want this hand work for you harder than any trainer you have ever had, this is the time to send your horse to Andras Szieberth!

  • Young horse development
  • Stallion training
  • Problem horses (behavior, performance or soundness)
  • Sales horse program
  • High performance training 20% DISCOUNT offer NOW!!!!!!!!!

Now accepting horses for full training! Ask about our young horse development, stallion preparation, sales horse and winter circuit programs! Do you need a trainer with extensive GP jumping, FEI dressage and high performance hunter experience? A trainer who has had dozens of stallions approved and guided through completing performance requirements? A trainer whose team consists of highly trained European professionals (no working student riding your horse!)? A trainer who has experience with non-traditional sporthorse breeds (Tb, Andalusian/Lusitano, Morgan, QH, Akhal-Teke, Arabian etc)?

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